April Newsletter

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Welcome! Cattle farmers across the High Risk and Edge Areas of England are already taking advantage of the free advice available from the TB Advisory Service, and implementing practical, cost-effective measures to reduce the risks associated with TB.
The service offers on-farm advice visits, where experienced advisors can provide bespoke recommendations to prevent TB incursions in herds that are currently clear, whilst discussing trading options and measures to prevent repeated reinfection for farms currently under TB restrictions. A telephone advice service is also available for farmers with specific questions about bovine TB and biosecurity. “After the long, wet winter, many farmers can’t wait to see their cattle out at grass, but this can increase the risk of interaction with wildlife, which can then increase the risk of TB in some areas” said Phil Elkins MRCVS, Technical Director of TBAS.
“By understanding the risks on your farm, and taking appropriate action, the risk posed by wildlife can be significantly reduced. Many farmers will also be buying in cattle at this time of year, so before purchasing, don’t forget to check the vendor’s TB history on www.ibtb.co.uk.”
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