Farmcare Solutions Limited

Obligace Ltd. is a consortium of independent veterinary practices that are members of XLVets.

TBAS is delivered by Farmcare Solutions Limited, a joint venture between VetPartners Limited, Obligace Limited, Independent Vetcare Limited (IVC) and UK Farmcare Limited. The project represents over 488 veterinary practices, 6,500 veterinary surgeons and 42 veterinary technicians in England, providing farm animal veterinary services to 60% of all cattle holdings in England.

Project management and practical delivery of the service will be provided by Kingshay and UK Farmcare Ltd.

Technical Delivery Team

Sarah Tomlinson

Technical Director

Sarah Tomlinson has been a farm vet for 20 years. She is now a veterinary consultant for Kingshay and is the technical director for the TB Advisory Service (TBAS). She is a member of the Defra bTB Partnership, and sits on the board of the British Cattle Veterinary Association.


Kate Butler

Projects Specialist

As part of the Kingshay team, Kate supports with many of the day to day running of on-going projects as Projects Specialist. Coming from a farming background, Kate has a range of agricultural experience and is an active member in both Women in Dairy and The National Federation of Young Farmers.


Telephone Advisers

A team of experienced telephone advisers are on hand to help with your queries regarding bTB as well as discuss your options with you, regarding a free on-site visit and/or telephone advice.

Technical Board

A group of industry stakeholders that bring to the group their knowledge and expertise in specific areas that TBAS will use to develop the training, marketing and communications for the project.