Would you like to become a TB adviser?

To carry out a TBAS visit we ask all advisers to complete the BCVA Accredited TB Veterinary Advisor BATVA training – BCVA Accredited TB Veterinary Adviser Training | BCVA

We also ask them to attend a free session to introduce them to the TBAS visit reporting app and the aims of the service; to engage farmers and vets to see TB as an infectious disease with risks factors that can be reduced if not eliminated. We acknowledge that good TB biosecurity alone will not eliminate the change of a TB breakdown, but it is one of the tools in the box alongside, cattle testing and wildlife control.

If you are a Vet and would like to become a TBAS adviser, please email

The map above displays the location of practices who have trained TBAS Veterinary Advisers. Trained TBAS Veterinary Advisers can deliver FREE, bespoke, practical and cost-effective advice to all eligible farmers in England to help reduce the risks associated with TB. Why not have a look to see if your private vet practice has trained Advisers? If your practice does not show on the map, not to worry! Please contact us by emailing or call 01306 779410 and we will be happy to help.

Please note that not all practices who have trained advisers are shown on this map. If you would like to confirm whether your private vet practice has trained advisers, please email or call 01306 779410.