Please complete our “No Regrets” Biosecurity Survey

We are currently in the process of evaluating the TBAS and need your help to do this. You may have heard Defra using phrase ‘No Regrets’ biosecurity recently, and we are trying to see how many of the TBAS biosecurity recommendations fall into this description. Unfortunately, there’s no definition of ‘no regrets’ biosecurity, and this is where we need you to help define it for us! Below is a link to a card sorting exercise which involves sorting different biosecurity recommendations used by TBAS advisors into 3 different types of biosecurity. It’s a simple exercise and only takes 5 minutes to complete.

The TB Advisory Service are delighted to introduce their inaugural awards for 2021

We are championing the hard work and effort many farmers are doing to reduce the risk of a TB breakdown and the impact TB can have on farm businesses.


This willingness to #ControlTheControllable, to go above and beyond what government asks of farmers is exactly what we want to show off with our awards! All too often, especially in the national media farmers are criticised for not doing what they can to prevent TB. We want to show everyone that this isn’t the case and farmers, as always, are rising to the challenge, being resourceful, innovative and eager to embrace change for the better. 

Cattle farmers across the High Risk and Edge Areas of England are eligible to receive FREE, bespoke advice on practical, cost-effective measures to reduce the risks associated with TB.

The TB Advisory Service offers one-to-one on-farm advice visits, where experienced advisors can provide bespoke recommendations to prevent TB incursions in herds that are currently clear, whilst discussing trading options and measures to prevent repeated reinfection for farms that are currently under TB restrictions. A telephone advice service and ‘drop-in clinics’ are also available for farmers with specific questions about bovine TB and biosecurity. The project is funded by Defra and the EU through the Rural Development Programme for England, and runs until 2020.

FREE, bespoke advice on practical, cost-effective measures to reduce the risks associated with TB.