The TB Advisory service provides FREE, bespoke advice to cattle keepers in the High Risk and Edge Areas of England through:

Any farmer wishing to take advantage of the FREE service will need to provide some basic information* about their holding, including:

  • Name and Address
  • Contact details – phone and email
  • CPH, UK Herd Number and SBI number**
  • Number and type of cattle (beef or dairy), business size

On-Farm Advice Visit

Your details will be passed on to one of our experienced advisers, who will contact you to arrange a convenient time for a visit. The visit normally takes around two hours – depending on how much there is to look at and discuss on your farm, and we encourage you to invite your own vet along.

At the visit

The adviser will ask about your farm set up, the concerns you currently have regarding TB, and issues you may face in the future. If you have a Farm Level Data Pack from APHA, it would be useful to share this with the adviser. They will then have a walk around your farm buildings and fields to better understand your current situation. At the end of the visits, the adviser will discuss with you what they have seen and what they feel you can do to improve your current TB risk.

After the visit

You will receive a bespoke report including recommendations of practical things that you can do to improve the TB risk on your farm. Again, you are encouraged to share this report with your vet. You will also receive a follow up call and/or email from TBAS to get some feedback on the service, and to see how you are getting on with implementing the recommendations given in the report. If you require any further advice, we can arrange the consultant to call you.

Don’t worry

The adviser is there to help and will not judge you or your farm. The recommendations are suggestions – there is no penalty if you don’t implement them. If you have any questions or concerns about having an advice visit, just call us – we are here to help!

Telephone Advice Service

If you contact TBAS requesting telephone advice, your details and questions will be passed on to one of our experienced advisers, who will call you back to discuss the issue. Following the phone call, you will receive a summary of the advice given, either by email or through the post.


One-to-one advice ‘drop-in’ clinics

One-to-one advice can also be given at ‘drop-in’ clinics, which take place at livestock markets and agricultural shows, for example. The clinics are advertised on our Calendar – there is no need to book a slot, just turn up, making sure you have your farm details to hand. The adviser will discuss the issue with you and you will receive a summary of the advice given, either by email or through the post.


* All information will be held securely in line with GDPR requirements and our Privacy Notice. EU funding rules require some personal data to be recorded for monitoring purposes.

** The SBI (Single Business Identifier) number is the 9-digit number issued by the Rural Payments Agency and is linked to your CPH number. If you can’t find it, please call the Defra helpline on 03000 200301. All farms have an SBI number, even if no subsidies are claimed.