When did you first go down with TB or if you are TB free when did TB first become a worry? What impacts has TB had on your family, your business, emotionally and financially? Tell us about what TB means to you, your family, and your business.
Have you changed your source of replacement cattle? Have you altered/ badger proofed your sheds? Have you changed your business altogether and become an AFU? Have you made your own badger proof feed trough or invented a way to raise and lower water troughs depending on need? Just list what you have done if that is easier and then attach photos below to help describe what you have done.
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Please add images to show the changes that you have made
Was it a particular meeting you attended? Tell us where it was and who presented the information and what was so poignant that compelled you to make change? May be a neighbour or colleague had a TB experience that highlighted your own vulnerability? Tell us how you felt about TB and why you wanted to change? Did an advisor visit your farm to help you see what you could change to reduce your risk of a TB breakdown or help you understand what options you have to manage your business through a breakdown to limit impacts?
What made them so outstanding? What knowledge did they have that was so important to your farm and business? Did they go out of their way to understand your business to ensure the information was bespoke to you and helped your own farm situation? Were they just a good listener when you need to talk? May be they are still on the end of the phone now? Were they able to point you in the right direction for more information or help?

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